'Regress Report': Turkey in serious relapse - EU Commission

The European Commission in Brussels is about the give its worst testimony on Turkey’s progress in joining the European Union (EU) in its forthcoming country report, German paper Die Welt reported.

According to DW, in the draft version of the report the EU Commission says that “Turkey has made big steps away from the EU,” and adds that there is a "serious relapse in the areas of justice, public administration reform, fundamental rights and freedom of expression”. The EU Commission is also expecting further relapses "in an increasing number of other areas”.

Brussels also calls Turkey to “end the state of emergency without any delay”, noting that "disproportionate measures” have been taken since the coup attempt on Jul. 15, 2016, such as large-scale lay offs and arrests. 

Draft report also states that under the current circumstances, there are no plans to open new accession negotiation chapters with Turkey. The report also adds that “above all, Turkey needs to reverse the current negative trend in the rule of law and fundamental rights” and “the weakening of an effective separation of powers in the political system should be addressed”.

On the other hand the report praises the performance of the Turkish economy and Turkey’s “outstanding performance” in hosting more than 4 million refugees.

The final version of the report is expected to be presented next Tuesday. 

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